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The Faïencerie, a renewal

Maison et Objet
6 September 2017
December sales
1 December 2017

Created in 1844, the Faïencerie de Charolles is a listed living heritage company. For years, they have exhibited their creations at the Maison et Objet home decor fair. The fair is always a great moment to meet with you and entice you to choose one of our latest creations as the next beautiful addition to your interior decoration.

Every year, we impatiently await the arrival of this major event. And even more so this year. Our 2017 exhibition themes are dual dynamics and fabulous renewal.

The first transformation came at the beginning of the year with the arrival of our new managerial team, coupled with a new creative team, a new manufacturing organisation, a new business and marketing approach, a new website and a new graphic charter. The driving force behind this strong momentum comes from our French tour, during which we had professionally enriching experiences listening to our customers’ suggestions and criticisms.

We don’t intend to start over from a blank slate. Our responsibility is to build the future based on the strong, professional and successful foundation that has made the Faïencierie what it is today: a key living heritage company to both France and the international community. A more timelier renewal of our line of products represents the second transformation: they will be better suited to a calendar of obligations and avant-guard trends in the decoration world. However, our collections will continue to bear the quality seal of our values. They fall in line with our unwavering history and tradition of excellence carried on by those who create them, our associates.

This first trade fair marks the importance of product renewal which is the most tangible expression of our creative energy. It’s a demonstration of the latest enamels and our distinctive, stylistic choices. The result brings us renewed shapes in a range of 5 major themes, presented on podiums.

This shift was initiated a few months ago and will continue in 2018. We will have the pleasure of surprising you with unexpected evolutions that make the Faïencerie de Charolles “a brand that stands out.“ On this same occasion, we have chosen to show you our year’s best creations, our best sellers and our redesigned classics.

We present to you our company’s vision, shared by our managing team and our 14 associates who have revised and approved it, illustrating the motto “Alone we go fast, together we go far.“

Estelle, Jean-Luc & Sébastien