Faiencerie de Charolles Atelier fabrication savoir-faire français ceramique moules cuisson biscuits
Faiencerie de Charolles Atelier fabrication savoir-faire français ceramique objets decoration

A plain material for a solid value

Ceramicsis a return to roots which offers a variety ofauthentic, smart and refined objects>.

Our collections consist oflamps, small furniture, vases and decorative objects.

Create a harmonious atmosphere where every detail fits in: shape, size, colour, the spot you choose.

Let yourself be inspired by joyful curves that will exalt your living space.

Pieces of character & designers

Give in to new explorations and incorporate an arts-and-craftsauthentic decoration piece to your living space. Find theFdC collections and the designers collections (Aurélie Richard, Manufacture de l’Empan and Alain Gilles) from our retailers. .

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Ceramics workshop: history & tradition

What about coming and discovering ourproduction workshop ? (visits by appointment only and for groups of 20+ people). This is a unique place steeped inhistorywhere collections marking yourart of livinghave been arising year after year. Thanks to our ancestral fabrication technique and to the meticulous and precious archiving of our different creation moulds, we carry on with ourhistory& and the transmission of our know-how to create emotionally-resonant objects.. The careful selection of theraw material, the clay,, is the key step that guarantees the excellence we wish to reach in our fabrication, for every of our biscuits, derived from a mastered baking process and exalted by carefully-selected colours, to reveal your interior. For you we perpetuateenamel decoration techniquesresulting in immutable objects. We also offertailor-made« hand-painted decorations»available on demand.

FdC has received the prestigious ``Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant`` label.

Faïencerie de Charolles has radiated in France and abroad for more than 150 years for its ancestral know-how.

Located in the Burgundy / Franche-Comté region,Faïencerie de Charolles has been classified “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV)

We have got a showroomillustrating the French know-how., It is located in Charollesand is open to the to the public.