Manufacture de l’Empan creators have taken advantage of multiple technological breakthrough possibilities. Infused with the idea that art should not be set against craft, digital tools against handicraft, industrial processes against traditional methods of creation, they never hesitate to revisit classic styles and create original and innovative artworks.
Providing its expertise to orders from private and business customers, Manufacture de l’Empan gives free rein to creativity. Ideas can spring from specific art inspiration or from technology-arising options. Thanks to its high adaptability, Manufacture de l’Empan puts together traditional know-how and new technology mastery to adapt to every type of projects. Manufacture de l’Empan offers its customers sophisticated industrial tools in order to help them to reach ultimate completion of their artistic aspirations.
Each artwork is thus a joint creation resulting from the synergy between the purchaser and the artist. The manufacturing process involving material removal allows the use of wood and stone, but also resins used as matrix for pieces of art made of plaster. The finish of the volumes and the patina, in turn, are entirely hand-crafted.
Our demanding nature and highest attention to details give rise to finished products with a traditional-way handmade aspect.Technology offers artists the opportunity of new approaches and concepts and some modern artists take advantage of it to produce endlessly replicable manufactured artworks. Restoration and duplication of ancient artworks also benefit from these technological breakthroughs.

We are completely settled in the art-serving industrial tools era. In Manufacture de l’Empan high-tech machines have replaced the numerous assistants who peopled the workshops during the Renaissance, without preventing the eye and the hand of the artist from ruling unchallenged. Manufacture de l’Empan offers its services to a variety of projects, whether architectural, event-driven, sculptural or pictorial, adapting to all technological demand and all scales, coming up with creative suggestions in collaboration and support of the purchaser’s idea, providing each creation with a unique answer.

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