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The material, master of the game. The Faïencerie de Charolles continues its creative turn by investing for the first time in the combination of materials. The fruit of a discussion between craftsmanship and industry, between earthenware and metal, the “Fat & Slim” side table duo tells the story of an encounter between the know-how of two beautiful French houses, the Faïencerie de Charolles and Fermob. An exercise in form and colors signed Alain Gilles. The attraction of opposites. After a successful first collection for the FdC in 2020, Alain Gilles signed two very graphic coffee tables in 2021, playing on the exacerbated opposition of the two materials – metal and earthenware, in a subtle game of balance. Thus, the extreme finesse of the metal shelf with its simple and rigorous lines sublimates the sensuality of the curved shapes of the large and generous earthenware base. Visually, the contrast between mass and lightness is underlined by the floating impression of the top. The play of light reflections on the rounded base creates an impression of levitation. A performance that celebrates the alliance of know-how: that of metal manufactured industrially by Fermob and that of the artisanal work of the Faïencerie de Charolles. The Fat & Slim side tables are a continuation of the work of Alain Gilles. The designer calls this spirit “new simplicity”: pieces going to the essentials with a recognizable personality, real warmth and humanity. The Color Clock. Enamels are one of the strong and identifying markers of the Faïencerie de Charolles. Inspired by the soft and mineral tones of nature, the 4 color associations created by Fat & Slim and its anthracite top, further reinforce the poetry released by these creations, both robust and fragile. The Fat & Slim side tables are part of the new “Deep Botanic” collection from the Faïencerie de Charolles. This one draws its inspiration from the interior spaces invaded by plants, in the places in between, the dense and generous vegetation. It consists of an update of historical collections and creations of designers and takes a new look at the know-how of the FdC thanks to the work of color, intense and contrasting. Three major themes will bring together these novelties: DEEP Floral, DEEP Green and Plein SUD, with the new “Flamant”, “Indigo” and “Green water” enamels as a highlight. New pieces will be unveiled throughout the first half of 2021, with the arrival of lighting, furniture and vases. The large family of Faïencerie de Charolles objects continues to expand and renew itself.