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COMMITTED AND visionary RETREATMAN. Entrepreneur at heart, Cyrille Frappé has run various companies since 2008, and discovered the Faïencerie de Charolles as a supplier of packaging.

Fascinated by the birth of remarkable pieces, parts of ordinary clay, which have become majestic vases, unique lighting, exceptional furniture, by the force of hands, but above all by this know-how which has remained intact despite the centuries that pass, he refuses to see the aura of Earthenware die out when it experiences a few difficult years.

In 2019, he took over and saved the Manufacture, determined to breathe new life into it, to make it grow and shine again in France and abroad. True love at first sight for the history of earthenware and its cultural heritage of ceramics, its MISSION is to transmit the KNOW-HOW of this French flagship of craftsmanship.

Convinced of his creative and qualitative potential, of the beauty and importance of its history, Cyrille Frappé surrounds himself with a new strategy and communication team, to restore the Faïencerie de Charolles to its glory.

He chooses to write a new page, with the greatest respect for the old ones, aware of the heritage of the Manufacture’s past, proud to perpetuate historical French know-how,… but resolutely turned towards audacity and modernity.

Thanks to Cyrille Frappé, the Manufacture can continue to create objects for the home, carrying meaning and history. At his side, designer Aurélie Richard, artistic director of the Manufacture, inspired and talented designer of the new collections of the Faïencerie. Tables, pedestal tables, light vases are revealed and added to the historical collections. Together, alongside the craftsmen of the Manufacture, they preserve the cultural heritage of the craft of earthenware. The know-how is transmitted, preserved, perfected. La Faïencerie, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) offers a happy future to made in France, and to the art of ceramics and earthenware. Ceramics have a particular ability to convey the expression of passing time, to transmit values ​​of comfort and humility, while bringing some of the forces of nature into our decoration, at the heart of our daily life. Since the takeover of the company by Cyrille Frappé in 2019, several collections have emerged. Tandem, Boréale, Alba, Heritage, Iconography, Stacked. a selection of small furniture, art, contemporary, everyday objects … which fit perfectly into current trends.Lamps, table lamps as practical as they are aesthetic. Suspensions, wall lights, real decorative objects… Unique pieces, in sober and elegant colors.