Non classé

La Coquille is a great classic. At La Faïencerie, this traditional ceramic form has long been part of the catalog. It was while digging through the archives of the Manufacture that Aurélie Richard wanted to bring it up to date. While preserving the historical lines found in old sketchbooks, Aurélie Richard gives it a new contemporary breath. Thanks to the color and its size (44 cm in diameter), this beautiful object of desire fits into a Burgundian modernity. It can be used as desired as a decorative object, a storage tray, a centerpiece or candy cup. By tradition, this emblematic “Shell” reminds us of the journey on the roads of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. It is a real invitation to stroll, to pilgrimage from Burgundy lands to Spanish beaches. Deep Botanic, with its colors, patterns and inspirations, draws a thread between interior and exterior, between past and present and thus signs the reinvention of forms through color.