Designers' Eyes


Five new Collections created and drawn by the designers Alain Gilles, Manufacture de l’Empan and Aurélie Richard.

These designers have observed Faïencerie ‘s know-how and have given their interpretation by proposing endless associations, their singular perception of the materiality, elegant associations of matt and gloss, an evanescent interpretation of the decoration universe archetypes … objects imbued with organic poetry.

Manufacture de l’Empan

Manufacture de l’Empan creators have taken advantage of multiple technological breakthrough possibilities. Infused with the idea that art should not be set against craft, digital tools against handicraft, industrial processes…

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Aurélie Richard

Aurélie Richard graduated top of the year in Art and Design from Sheffield Hallam university (UK). She took advantage of her experience as a designer in Meubles Zago and Interior’s…

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Alain Gilles

Design as a second life. After his studies in Political Sciences and Marketing Management, Alain Gilles worked in finance. But everybody ought to live their life. Indeed, thanks to his…

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