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A know-how is perpetuated thanks to THOSE who transmit it with passion, patience and energy. It with an ultra vitaminated dynamic and vivid shades that the Faiïencerie de Charolles has turned to the colors of SPRING. Beautiful picture of the new collection DEEP BOTANIC SS21, with Aurélie Richard, Laetitia Bouquerel, Eva Cecchi, Jean-Baptiste Dode. Superb production of ceramic objects thanks to Nathalie Collier, Yannick, Cyril, João, Béatrice, Thomas, Gloria, and Jean-Pierre.”ALONE we go faster, TOGETHER we go further”.Cyrille Frappe, C BUSTI, Igor JUST, Julie VINOT, Stéphanie Perche. As part of our shooting, Baralinge lent us their beautiful linens for the sets. Thank you Martin DELORME.