The Workshop

Hippolyte Prost, native of Charolles area, took the workshop over his father. He started introducing traditional and functional earthenware, decorated with stylised carnations and characters.

Two types of borders surround them: the so-called “à dent de loup” (wolf tooth) border and “a dent de scie” (saw tooth) border. »

Then the production got more sohisticated under the Elisabeth Parmentier’s influence who created the “Artistic Decoration” in 1879.» This central rose or tulip bouquet surrounded by a thin blue hatching became the company emblem. “THE Charolles’, as this unique style would soon be called, was born and would become word famous.

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In the 19th century, luxurious artworks were released from the workshop among which the “octogonal” or “François II” dinnerware sets but also “barbotines” (embosses-patterned earthenware) that were very popular back in that period. Nowadays these artworks are exhibited in numerous French museums. Among them the “Prieuré” museum, jewel of Charolles town and which works in close contact with the Faïencerie whose local settlement has always been source of pride.

After Hippolyte Prost's death in 1892, the Faïencerie was acquired by the Molin family.

The manufacture now employs about 60 workers

and creates its own colours and enamel. Over the 20th century, Faïencerie de Charolles suffered from setbacks and a serious crisis in 1935 but has eventually recovered and reached better days.

In July 1995, the success story went on when Edith and Benoît Terrier took over Faïencerie de Charolles.

soon joined by their son Emmanuel and his wife.They based their success on the faïencerie legacy: a perfect symbiosis between finest choice materials and ancestral know-how.
Lines are refined, volumes expand and collections proclaim an assured taste for luxury.

Faïencerie de Charolles, one of the top historical and unique-spirited firm !

Déliberately looking toward high-end decoration earthenware, Faïencerie de Charolles is one of the top historical and unique-spirited firm which, while keeping its local traditional production, has been able to impose its audacious touch within the contemporary earthenware and design field.

This period is a milestone towards a clearly contemporary orientation

The Faïencerie works in artistic collaboration with prestigious companies such as Ligne Roset, Roche-Bobois and Baccarat. Some artwork-objects are produced in our workshop and end up in the finest decoration and interior magazines.

In 2019 Cyrille Frappé acquired FdC Faïencerie de Charolles

And brought a new breath of life to this nice company, jewel of French savoir-faire.