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For its Deep Botanic vegetal set design. “My father being a gardener, I grew up in the French department Ardèche with the rhythms of the seasons and I learned to read the colourful textures of nature. After my career as a textile designer in Lyon and a fashion design consultant, I felt the urge to reconnect with my roots to weave new landscapes. When collaborating on the ‘Deep Botanic collection’ with the Faïencerie de Charolles, I wanted to share my creative instinct by making compositions featuring lush vegetation as an immersion in the freshness of a tropical garden. The second set was a poetic vision of ceramic colours under a dreamlike arch, it was like a sort of bridge connecting two authentic arts and crafts. To announce this summer season full of energy, I also opened the doors of an exotic greenhouse to weave the singular emotions of clay with many graphic flowers dialoguing in a contemporary bouquet to enchant your living spaces. Jean-Baptiste Dode, florist | stylist | artist.