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Faïencerie de Charolles is first and foremost a story of know-how and a bond between men along with the story of a Manufacture resolutely looking for the future. Back in 1844 at Charolles, Hyppolyte Prost took over his father’s small pottery workshop. Without knowing it, he created a Manufacture that will go through the years. During more than a century and a half, the know-how was passed on and the workshop never ceased to adapt to the challenges of decoration. 177 years later, in line with Hyppolyte, Cyrille Frappé and his teams continue to innovate in manufacturing processes. It’s with this in mind that Christophe Busti joined the beautiful story of the Faïencerie de Charolles. Curious, self-taught and benevolent, he takes responsibility for the workshop of the Faiïencerie de Charolles and brings with him a wind of team cohesion. Transmission of know-how, safeguarding the cultural heritage of ceramics, innovation in manufacturing, improvement of processing techniques, Christophe has several strings to his bow. Thomas Rollet, a young and talented craftsman and Stéphanie Perche as executive assistant also joined the Manufacture’s team.